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Medical Marijuana of Illinois (MMI) is dedicated to providing educational materials and resources regarding medical marijuana to medical professionals and their patients. We partner with leading educational and ground breaking research organizations to bring these services directly to your healthcare organization with efficiency and professionalism.  Our goal is to continuously educate Medical Professionals on the topic of MMJ and how to better convey this critical information to their patients.

About Us

As a group of individuals working in the healthcare sector, we noticed a void in the available information for Medical Professionals and their patients on the controversial topic of Medical Marijuana.  We created Medical Marijuana of Illinois an Illinois based LLC to connect educational resources to Medical Professionals and their patients.

A Letter from our General Manager

Medical Marijuana of Illinois

Larry M. Wallace, President: Larry has an extensive background spanning over 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry. He has held positions from District Manager for Bristol-Myers Squibb as well numerous consulting positions with Pfizer and Quintiles. Larry is a graduate of Southern Illinois University and attended Benedictine University where he pursued a Graduate degree in Public Health Administration.

K.M. Wallace, GM: K.M. Wallace has over 15 years experience throughout the Health Care and Technology sector. His previous positions include Marketing Director for Maitland Warne Medical Publisher, Senior Marketing Consultant for CareXtend, and Marketing Consultant for LivingSocial’s Healthcare division. K.M is a graduate of Southern University and is a member of the Healthcare Communications and Marketing Association (HCMA) as well as the American Marketing Association (AMA).

Lillian G. Evans: Lillian G. Evans, Office Mgr: Lillian has over 30 years of experience in Government and Private sector. Her most recent position was with the RTA as a Compliance Officer. She is well versed in contractual/vendor compliance, business development, and legal research. Lillian is a graduate of Chicago State University and attended Roosevelt University Graduate School.

Stacie Patel, Administrator Assistant: Stacie has over 20 years experience in several administrative positions.  Stacie oversees the daily administrative duties and assists customers and vendors.  She attended DePaul University.


Medical Marijuana of Illinois.

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Medical Marijuana of Illinois          Medical Marijuana of Illinois          Medical Marijuana of Illinois

“DISCLAIMER: Medical Marijuana of Illinois (MMI) solely acts as an intermediary between the product and patients. does not directly engage in the selling or growing of medical marijuana. Medicinal Marijuana should only be used by patients holding a medical marijuana ID card.”


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