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Category 1 CME

Medical Marijuana AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credits™  Provided by The Answer Page, Inc

Progress Notes

Your office will be provided with PROGRESS NOTES detailing each visit, and clinical status upon each visit. In addition, you will be notified as to the status of your patient obtaining medical marijuana

Inservice for your office

Inservice for your office to fully explain the rules and regulations in the State of Illinois regarding the  role of the Physician in providing a Physician Written Certification

A Network of Physicians

A vetted network of Physicians assists your qualified patients with Medical Marijuana consultations in accordance with the Department of Public Health and Department of Financial and Professional Regulations

Patient Referral Process

Our patient Referral process which follows all HIPAA guidelines, will ensure patients receive timely, compassionate and efficient care.  Click here to download our Referral Form (please have a PDF pic)

Target Audience for CME:

Medical Marijuana of Illinois specializes in providing Medical Professionals with a comprehensive suite of services all geared towards providing your Practice/Health Care Organization with the most up to date procedures and regulations for recommending and speaking with your patients regarding medical marijuana. Schedule an in service for your office to fully explain the rules and regulations in the State of Illinois regarding the role of the Physician in providing a Physician Written Certification


Nurses and Nurse Practitioners


Physical Therapist

Items that will be reviewed throughout your Medical Marijuana CME courses.

Assess the Clinical Benefits of Marijuana Use
Pharmacology of Cannabis and Cannabinergic Medicines
Determine Which Pharmacological Derivatives are Best
Medicinal Cannabis in the treatment of chronic pain syndromes

Your practice will receive the following FREE services for your patients:

  • Live Scan Fingerprinting Applications with a listing of locations throughout Illinois
  • Pre addressed envelopes for your patients to send in their Registry Identification Card applications
  • One-on-one consultation(s) regarding the process to obtain a Registry Identification Card and a review of the qualifying conditions per Illinois Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program
  •  MMI will guide your medical staff through the process of properly completing a Physicians Written Certification per the guidelines set forth by the Illinois Department of Public Health..

Upon completion of your CME courses a certificate will be provided with a breakdown of CME designation.


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“DISCLAIMER: Medical Marijuana of Illinois (MMI) solely acts as an intermediary between the product and patients. does not directly engage in the selling or growing of medical marijuana. Medicinal Marijuana should only be used by patients holding a medical marijuana ID card.”


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